Notes from Wolfpack Meeting, 21/5/12

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# Team Meeting

Team meeting 21st May. around 1.30 pm UK time. (12:30 UTC)

## Highlights

* Tom Rees clarified the situation in Labs – see ‘Notes’ below for more details.
* Congratulations Velichka and co on the success of YourTopia in Apps4Italy!
* If you are supposed to attend Monday meetings, please do so! If you really can’t be there, send an apology and be sure to follow up on the notes.
* See ‘Notes’ section for how Wolfpack meetings are to be used for deciding which events to attend.

## Asks

* Is ‘OKFN Professional Services’ the best name for the new side of Labs? Alternative suggestions welcome.
* Please send Tom Rees list of any useful contacts who may be interested in Professional Services type work.
* Joris Pekel & volunteers have a new project to create audio podcasts on opendata topics. If you meet someone interesting or go to an event, think about whether you could record an interview.
* Darwin Peltan is looking for suggestions of Data Sets that people would like to see converted to linked data (Data needs to be from within the EU)

## Notes

### Process for deciding about which events to attend.
* On the call, we want to know:
– do you know of this event / have insight into whether it’s useful / high-profile
– know through your networks of e.g. people we should / could meet there
* This collective community knowledge will help us to decide whether it’s worth attending.
* If the event relates to a specific project, budget decisions should be made by the project leader.
* If the event is general / core, budget decisions can be made by LJ/NL.

### Update on Labs
* Previously, labs was an uncomfortable mix of internal (experimental) and external (client-facing) stuff.
* This is now going to be divided
* Tom Rees will be in charge of ‘Technical Services’ side of Labs (external)
* Nick will be in charge of ‘Labs’ (internal, experimental, not trying to bring in funds)
* New front-end web page will make it clear what OKFN can offer to you, in terms of professional / technical services.

## Participants
* Kat Braybrooke
* Velichka Dimitrova
* Laura Newman
* Joris Pekel
* Darwin Peltan
* Tom Rees

## Apologies
* Naomi Lillie
* Sam Leon
* Mark Wainwright
* Lucy Chambers
* Marcus Dapp
* Daniel Dietrich
* Laura James
* Rufus Pollock

## Updates (paste your notebook link in here [name](link)):

* [Laura Newman]( FAO: School of Data Kick-Off sprint taking place Weds-Fri this week. All welcome to join online, see
* [Daniel Dietrich](
* [Kat Braybrooke]( )
* [Darwin Peltan](
* [Sam Leon](
* [Joris Pekel](

## [Events](
* International Open Government Data Conference, July 10-12, Washington DC – for CKAN team? – no-one from CKAN team here
* From last week: – RGRP not here again
– FOCAS, Aspen Institute, Colorado (line 38, RGRP)
– New Media Forum Plenary Chamber, Brussels (line 31, RGRP)

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