Notes from Project & Coord Calls, 16/4/12

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# Projects Meeting

Projects meeting 16th April. 1pm UK time. (1200 UTC)

## Participants
* Ira Bolychevsky – Product Owner – CKAN
* Daniel Dietrich – Chapter Lead – Germany
* Kat Braybrooke – Community Coordinator
* Primavera de Filippi – Public Domain Calculators / Open Metadata Handbook
* Hauke Gierow – Community Coordinator – Germany
* Adam Green – Public Domain Review Dude
* Laura James – Foundation Coordinator
* Laura Newman – Community Coordinator
* Sebastian Nordhoff – Open Linguistics
* Tom Olijhoek – Open @ccess
* Joris Pekel – DM2E
* Rufus Pollock – BDFL
* Tom Rees – Code Poet (Community Dashboard, CKAN,,)
* Mark Wainwright – Community Coordinator (CKAN)

## Apologies
* Maurizio napo Napolitano
* Lucy Chambers – Community Coordinator
* Christian Chiarcos – Open Linguistics
* Stefano Costa – Open Archaeology
* Tim Davies – Open Development
* Velichka Dimitrova – Open Economics
* James Harriman-Smith – Open Humanities
* Peter Hicks – Open Transport
* Naomi Lillie – Community Coordinator & Foundation Administrator
* Sam Leon – Community Coordinator
* Friedrich Lindenberg – OpenSpending & Many many other projects
* Mark MacGillivray – Open Biblio
* Theodora Middleton – Blogmeister
* Jenny Molloy – Open Science Working Group
* Peter Murray-Rust – Open Science Working Group / Open Biblio

## Agenda
* 2 minute Updates (feel free to type in the ## updates section while people are doing their introductions)
* All WG coordinators should add themselves to:
* Expenses
* Next meeting

## Questions

Napo – a question for Ira Bolychevsky:
* Can you me confirm that you have been contacted by Formez Italy (mr. Marras) about the migration of to CKAN? Ira: yep, will reply via email 🙂

## Updates
* First of two OKFestival Submission Deadlines next week! (Kat will be in Helsinki to go over submissions – ask her if have any questions)
* Kat also doing keynote about OKFestival / Open Design at FREE CITY Tallinn, Estonia (link to details – if you have ideas about other OKFN initiatives you’d like her to update Eastern European folks about, plz email them!)
* Kat, Daniel, Hauke, Stefan preparing for workshops about various things related to open data, community, and OKFN at this year’s Re:Publica in Berlin, Germany (and thinking of organising local event at the time – get involved 😉
* Open Data Census – to be launched at the Open Government Partnership in Brazil this week. The idea is to survey every government in the world and to see how open their data is. Laura, Rufus and Daniel to work on it in the next day or two – all help much appreciated! Info will be coming round the mailing lists, but drop me a line if you’d like to be involved

* open GLAM workshop this Friday
* OKFest stream proposal
* Daniel Mietchen – including scientific libraries/museums, project with animal sounds
* Meeting with the Finnish people
* Volunteers
* Open GLAm blog continuing

# Team Meeting

Team meeting April 16th, around 1.30 pm UK time. (12:30 UTC)

## Participants
* Kat Braybrooke
* Daniel Dietrich
* Laura James
* Laura Newman
* Joris Pekel
* Mark Wainwright

## Apologies
* Marcus Dapp (on hols)
* Naomi Lillie (off sick)
* Lucy Chambers
* Sam Leon
* Rufus Pollock
* Tom Rees
* Velichka Dimitrova

## Agenda (please leave your initials if you add an item!)

* Hosting LOD2 plenary (26-8 Sep) [MW]
* Peter Murray-Rust suggests some of us, along with Sophie Kershaw [Panton Fellow], visit John Wood [head of the Assoc. of Commonwealth Universities and has been head of Research Councils] at Tavistock Square -> Laura or Naomi, email us w details?
* PMR suggests we meet Neelie Kroes (Digital Agenda in Europe) who is passionate about Openness in Europe and engaging youth (she is actually coming to re:publica, 4th Mai Berlin and asked to meet people) -> Laura or Naomi or Peter, email us w details?
* Merchandise for Chapters – organisational and budget responsibilities require discussion / clarification [SL / NL]
* anyone want to meet Elaine Chen (Sussex) re:Taiwan open data; 23-25 apr? [LJ] – LN hapy to talk to her
* update on bids [LJ]
* need a new client for large groups that’s not Skype… Kat will email -discuss, please share your thoughts there so we can choose something better
* Volunteer work is going well, but would be nice to talk with other people about their experiences (JP) – Lucy, Sam, Laura N, Kat, WG coords who have been here for a while, eg Jenny Molloy.
* Discussion about new Local Group in Romania/Molodova (maybe to involve a large open data event in the fall), and also going to Estonia to do keynote & meet people there – if have any contacts in Eastern Europe who may be interested in getting involved with an OKFN group please let Kat know. – Agnes Aljas Estonian National Museum (not 100% sure)

## Updates (paste your notebook link in here [name](link)):
* [Laura James](
* [Sam Leon](
* [Daniel Dietrich](

## Events
* Speaker for culturehackeast, Cambridge, 1 May [LJ]
* Someone from CKAN needed to keynote at open data conference in Nantes, France on May 25th:
(email Guillaume.Raschia [@] if can do it) <- email datasuite [@] and someone from the new team will pick this up there

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